Our vision

The University Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (UCVV) is part of the Department of Public Health and Primary Care of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University. The UCVV has a mission in the field of education, research and scientific and social services for nursing, mental health nursing and midwifery in Flanders, both nationally and internationally. What ties the realisation of this mission together are partnership, solidarity, creativity, creativity, sustainability, cooperation with patients and representatives of patient organisations, and a focus on social relevance.

Our view on education

In its teaching assignment, the UCVV strives to train talented and creative nurses and midwives for the future who can take up leadership in care. By organising the Master's degree in Nursing and Midwifery, we make a fundamental contribution to the quality of care and to the academisation of nursing and midwifery. We also choose to afford mental health care nursing a specific place in our curriculum. Our partnerships and cooperation with the industry, other knowledge institutions, patients and patient organisations are reflected in the wide support for our training programme. Core concepts of the programme are learning in and from practice, facilitating the combination of working and studying, developing an attitude of lifelong learning and groundbreaking, methodical and problem-solving thinking. By means of innovative teaching and learning methods, we strive to train health care professionals who can take on the role of creative knowledge developer, reflective practitioner, empowering (clinical) leader and implementation expert from an interdisciplinary focus. The international dimension of training is strengthened by partnerships with health care and knowledge institutions in Europe and beyond.

Our view on research

Research at the UCVV

The UCVV is a dynamic research centre that focuses on developing, validating and valorising scientific knowledge, thus creating a more responsible, evidence-based and efficient healthcare and care organisation. We also devote effort to the translation and implementation of complex interventions into practice. Through partnership and cooperation with the broader industry, we aim to support the research competencies of professionals in the field. Our research can be grouped into six research areas: oncological care, midwifery care, education and training, mental health care, skin care, and nutritional care. These research domains all concern self-management, patient participation, care relationship and organisation, intervention development and implementation, Advanced Practice Nursing, and family care. The UCVV uses innovative research methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) and works together with governments, other knowledge institutes, health care organisations and the industry, both nationally and internationally, to carry out its mission.

Our view on scientific and social services

In its mission of providing scientific and social services, the UCVV strives to anchor itself nationally and internationally by giving lectures, participating in scientific committees and councils, being a member of scientific associations, acting as reviewer and editor of international journals and serving on assessment committees. As a result, we actively participate in policy-making and practice development. In the context of lifelong learning, we offer a targeted training policy.