Partnership in medical - health education: Integrating Patient Trainers in the Health Curriculum - Mathieu Jackson

Campus UZ Gent - Corneel Heymanslaan 10, Gent
donderdag, 24 januari 2019
14u - 15u


Patients have been central to medical – health education, but have usually been used to provide rather passive illustrations of interesting conditions or as part of students’ expierental learning. Althought the body of knowledge on patient partnership in the health curriculum is increasing, still a lot of questions, uncentainties remain. How can we engage patients in curriculum development, engage patients as trainers, engage patients in the assessment of students in a meaningfull way? These topics will be addressed by Mathieu Jackson.

Mathieu Jackson has Hemophilia B moderate. He is Vice-president of the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS). He is also Patient Coordinator of the School of Partnership at the Centre for excellence in partnerships with patients and the public (CEPPP) at the University of Montreal hospital research center (CRCHUM), where he participates in training patients, caregivers, health professionals and researchers to work together in a partnership healthcare model. Mathieu Jackson is a fellow of the 2017-2018 International AFFIRM Program.


People involved in and by teaching, education in health care.


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